Grapevine Project


Grapevine; an outreach support project for over 60 children who can remain living with their family but without our support would find attending school very difficult and are more likely to be working as a scavenger to provide income for the family. Support continues until the child completes their education. As well as financial help, the children are supported by a social worker and dedicated teacher. Additional educational support is provided at weekends jointly with Mango students.

By providing financial assistance and regular support through home and school visits, we aim to help them gain an education an21d break out of the cycle of poverty.

We currently help 67 youngsters through this scheme. Our Grapevine students are educated at local schools, colleges and universities.

They all have the opportunity to visit Mango Tree House on Saturday mornings for extra tutorials and to use the facilities at the Home including the library and computer suite. This gives our staff the chance to get to know the students, help them with any areas of their school work where they need additional support and discuss any personal issues that are troubling the students.

The students are visited at home and at school. Our social workers and resident teacher regularly talk to the students’ teachers and parents, producing bi-annual reports which are sent to the UK. All students are supported by Children of the Dump while they are in full time education to whatever level they choose. Many of our students continue on to college or university.

All Grapevine students can be sponsored. We encourage sponsors to communicate regularly with the students, who really appreciate the relationship that they have with their sponsors.